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Poems | Eleanor Wright Music

A Poem by Eleanor Wright

I watch the world go by.
Upon the canvas of my life
I paint the things I see.
My tongue like an artist’s brush
Portrays in blue and grey and gold
The way things seem to me.
Through the window of my soul,
I peer day after day.
Watching all the passersby,
Considering all their ways.
Marking well their order,
Where they go and where they’ve been,
But remembering, as I look out,
Someone is looking in.
I pray the love of God will shine
Through the window of my soul,
Shine in and fill my being.
And as people come and go,
May they get to know the Savior
Through that light that brightly glows,
And see Him a little clearer
Through the window of my soul.

© Eleanor Wright Trust, Germantown, Ohio. All rights reserved.

A Poem by Carla Wright

She sang
Out of experience
And from her heart

She sang
And life was bearable
And faith did grow

She sang
And heaven came down
And hope was real

She sang
And darkness faded
In love’s bright light

She sang
And shouting, weeping hearers

Carla J. Wright, June 2005